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Dishing Out


Inside Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen

By Abbey Hayes

Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen offers a weekly meal service unlike any other. The emphasis isn’t solely on convenience, it’s also about how the food makes you feel. Chef Beau prepares meals with, allergy-friendly ingredients. Meals are also prepared without wheat (gluten) and American cow’s milk (lactose). Chef Beau’s mother inspired him to become a Chef; however, he truly found his calling after changing his diet and seeing the positive impact. Chef Beau realized that what you eat doesn’t only impact a person’s health and outlook but also their energy. Before starting Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen, Beau was cooking for multiple clients on the North Shore with autoimmune diseases. He knew he needed to find a commercial kitchen because he had a niche business that people needed. After some back and forth over the years, Chef Beau started out as a private chef in 2010 and later built Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen in 2019. If you’re looking for a way to transform mealtime and your overall wellness, be sure to check out Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen.

“Some of our most popular meals include our grain-free, plant-based lasagna & Chef Beau’s buddha bowls, smothered roasted garlic pork chop, jambalaya, organic chicken Vesuvio, lamb & Bulgarian sheep feta burgers, and all varieties of our fresh pestos, moles & coconut-cream sauces. Our meals are made within 24-36 hours of being ready for either pick-up or delivery.”

*Photo provided by Chef Beau Klean