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A Tennis Player’s Dream Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club


In the last few years, the Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club (OBBTC) has made tremendous progress in becoming a viable entity. One real bright spot has been the tennis programming. Simply put, it has become a tennis player’s dream.

To start with, the club offers Har-Tru clay courts, which are known for several features. These courts are easier on the body, reducing the risk of injury, and help players develop an all-around court game because of the slower pace of the ball. They also are environmentally friendly. At Oak Brook, eight individual tennis courts are laid out for a private, luxurious feeling.

Then, there are several membership options available. These include an annual family fee for the club of $900 for residents ($1,600 for non-residents) for unlimited pool and tennis usage. Tennis-only memberships range from $170 to $500 for the season from mid-April to mid-November.


“My interest was sparked by watching Andre Agassi and the passion he had for the game.”



Finally, there is Jim Lezatte, Head Tennis Professional. He oversees tennis operations, setting court times, and maintaining the courts. He runs men, women, and co-ed programs. Above all, he teaches tennis.

Lezatte has led the tennis program at OBBTC since 2019. His name is familiar throughout south-central DuPage County. For 21 years prior, he was a professional coach at the Hinsdale Racquet Club. He is a United States Professional Tennis Association member with a Safe Place certification. Hinsdale Magazine Group interviewed Lezatte and several tennis players who have taken lessons from him. They ranged in age from six to their 70s, and they praised his teaching techniques and his enthusiasm for the game.

Karen Mosquera and Lloyd Schooley of Oak Brook had been away from tennis for a while. Each commented that Lezatte’s way of understanding their current game – and giving proper instruction – translated to better playing and enjoyment of the game again. Manish Shah, also of Oak Brook, said, “Jim’s enthusiasm got 16 of us signed up for doubles matches on a regular basis.” Jordan Murphy, Sports Core Manager and a player herself, said, “Person after person raves about his lessons and how excited they are to play the game.”

Elayna Lindstrom came to the courts, saw how Jim treated everyone, and determined that OBBTC was a fit for her. “This is where I want to be. He makes you love the game,” she said. Her husband and two sons have since joined.

Darshika Chhabra followed Lezatte when he came from Hinsdale Racquet Club to OBBTC. She said, “Coach Jim is both a mentor and friend to my three boys.” Her youngest, Vishnu, said, “He pushes me to my limits, but he is a nice person, and I know he has my best interests at heart.”

“I am passionate about the game of tennis. My interest was sparked by watching Andre Agassi and his passion for the game,” Lezatte said. “My favorite aspect of coaching is the instant a player understands what is being taught, and I can see them grasp the concept completely.” ■